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Sustainability Reporting Software

For the first time, market demand and global legislators have aligned to demand immediate and measurable emissions reductions backed by fully transparent sustainability reporting. The time for tangible action has arrived. Read on to learn more about our unique ESG reporting software solutions. 

Sustainability reporting software for the new era of accountability 

Businesses, consumers, staff, partners and governments are acting with their feet by switching to more sustainable products and services.

Dozens of global agencies, led by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) and EU bodies, will require granular reporting on sustainability indicators including GHG emissions, water, energy, air quality, waste hazardous materials and nature-related risk factors.   

However, siloed legacy systems and manual processes mean most industrial organisations lack the data and digital tools to achieve this. 

Why CFOs should lead the new era of sustainability reporting 

Built using a similar approach to financial accounting standards, new international disclosure standards are elevating sustainability reporting to an equal footing with financial reporting in terms of accountability and priority. This finance-grade scrutiny makes it a CFO-level responsibility.

In advance of these evolving standards, and driven by stakeholder and society pressure, it is important for CFOs to drive a board-led governance structure that brings integrated finance and sustainability reporting to the boardroom table to inform strategic decisions. 

“Having previously decided to require the disclosure of scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions, the ISSB has now drilled down and clarified what the requirements would be. All types of companies will need to get ready for reporting clear and consistent data.1

Reference: 1. KPMG, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 2023 

Sustainability reporting compliant with global industrial standards  

Powered by Sustainability Tracker (ST), our proven sustainability reporting and analytics software is designed to meet specialised reporting requirements for complex industrial processes. 

Integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, ST automatically centralises huge volumes of data from multiple sources across your operation and supply chain, and uses machine learning to validate and organise the measured and corrected data. 

As a result, you can run near real-time advanced analytics and produce the granular auditable reports needed to satisfy evolving global compliance frameworks. Beyond compliance, you gain the insights you need to optimise your productivity, efficiency, climate footprint and financial returns.  

Proven in industrial organisations globally since 2010, it is designed to meet the compliance requirements of major global standards, regulations and frameworks including:  

How it works 

Connect and contextualise all your industrial asset data in a single environment, and track and report your sustainability indicators across the value chain, down to a product level.

Benefits of proven sustainability reporting software   

Auditable, finance-grade sustainability reporting

ST is designed to deliver the granular, auditable reports needed to satisfy evolving global compliance frameworks. Using source data as inputs, the simulated data contextualises and validates your measured activity data for completeness and accuracy. Unlike with spreadsheets and manual reports, this means your verified sustainability indicators are fully traceable, immutable and unalterable, and surpass rigorous audit tests to a level consistent with financial reporting standards.

Industry specific solution

Global sustainability frameworks are taking an industry-based approach, which demands industry-specific digital reporting solutions. A cloud-based SaaS platform fully customisable to each sector, ST centralises data, creates a digital replica and performs asset-wide mass and energy balance unique to industrial assets. It is built on industry 4.0 technologies including big data, machine learning, dynamic simulation, internet of things (IoT), multi-dimensional databases and advanced analytics and visualisation tools.

Customised to your industrial process 

Customised to your exact process, ST is a digital replica of your operations. ST is unique in that it uses dynamic simulation to generate a complete auditable asset-wide mass and energy balance of the industrial process at every step of production, delivering granular daily reports derived directly from automated integration to source data. Measured activity data such as delivery, consumption, inventory and production are reconciled to calculated activity data for completeness and accuracy.  

Highest quality, accurate activity data 

Using source data as inputs, the calculated activity data from dynamic simulation contextualises your measured activity data. This means you can identify data gaps and accurately calculate activity data that cannot be tracked and run alignment analysis to identify process optimisation and efficiencies. Activity data can be tracked and reported in many ways including by country, site, site boundaries, scope, reporting category (such as fuels, reagents, waste, power and water), and by individual product.

Reporting across standards for climate and nature related disclosures

ST is designed to be compliant with, and easily adapt to, diverse regulations and governance frameworks and requirements across different sites and countries as well as immediately capturing changes in sustainability indicators caused by any variations in the production process across the supply chain. This includes tracking climate and nature related disclosures in line with requirements of the TCFD and TNFD.

Asset-wide centralised, validated source data

ST automates the integration of asset-wide disparate data sources including historians, laboratory information management systems, control systems, environmental systems and enterprise resource systems – all your data is centralised, validated and organised using machine learning.

Expert sustainability software and solutions

Drawing on many years of experience in industrial process engineering, data-led tools and sustainability reporting, we can help you understand how the new era of accountability impacts you and deploy the industrial sustainability software you need to put you ahead of the curve.

Your guide to Sustainability Tracker

Explore how the industrial sector can meet evolving sustainability disclosure and reporting standards with an intelligent data driven sustainability reporting platform.

Case studies: Sustainability Tracker outcomes

See how Sustainability Tracker has helped industrial clients to accurately track and report on scope 1,2 and 3 emissions and reduce their carbon footprint as well as simplify sustainability compliance, streamline operations and cut costs.

Take control with proven sustainability reporting software  

To learn how Sustainability Tracker can help you report across your sustainability indicators and minimise emissions, energy, water and waste across your supply chain, contact our expert team on +61 2 7229 5662 or