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About Industrial Sustainability Solutions (ISS)

ISS is the world-leading Australian technology company behind Sustainability Tracker (ST), a proven industrial sustainability analytics and reporting platform designed for complex industrial processes.

Built on decade of results

Sustainability Tracker (ST) is an established industrial sustainability software platform that enables complex industrial operations to accurately measure and report on their emissions to reduce their impact and meet compliance regulations.   ST captures, analyses and reports on sustainability indicators such as GHG emissions across scopes 1, 2 and 3, water, energy, air quality, waste, hazardous materials, pollutants and nature-related risk factors.   As a result, you can run near real-time advanced analytics and quickly produce the granular auditable reports needed to satisfy evolving global compliance frameworks. Beyond compliance, you gain the insights you need to optimise your productivity, efficiency, climate footprint and financial returns.  ST is delivered by Industrial Sustainability Solutions (ISS), a company founded and run by the established team behind Metallurgical Systems. Since 2010, Metallurgical Systems has enabled accurate and transparent production reporting and finance grade sustainability reporting for minerals and mining plants globally.   Their award-winning process digital twin technology centralises plant-wide data and dynamically simulates your processing operation. It performs a plant-wide mass and energy balance and delivers granular auditable reports and deep analysis across your sustainability indicators.  

Metallurgical Systems has received multiple awards for their solutions:

  • 2022 IBM and TechData One Percenters Competition – Winner 
  • 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards – Professional Services – Winner 
  • 2021 Austmine Awards – Finalist – Craig Senger Excellence in Export Award 
  • 2019 Austmine Awards – Winner – Craig Senger Excellence in Export Award 
  • 2017 Austmine Awards – Finalist – Craig Senger Excellence in Export Award 
  • 2017 Austmine Awards – Finalist – Innovation for METS 
Proven in 8 countries and in 4 languages, this gold standard approach to sustainability tracking and reporting is now available for all complex industrial operations and it’s ready to deploy today.

Established solution, looming challenge

Having consulted in the industrial sector for many years, we identified that most operations simply don’t have the digital tools and data they need to measure, analyse, consolidate and optimise sustainability indicators across all their sites. As a specialised team of engineers and technologists, we had the skills, knowledge and passion to solve this challenge.

Having invested 400,000+ hours of product development over the course of 10 years to build our market-leading solutions, the advanced calculations they are capable of are unparalleled. We continue to invest in research and development to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry.

ISS delivers specialised technology and consulting solutions to energy-intensive industries from energy to manufacturing. They all face increasing pressure to accurately measure, report on and reduce their impact – fast.

Careers: Let’s create the future

We are always on the lookout for talented, experienced and tech-savvy specialists to be part of our growing team. If you want to help build a more sustainable future, we’d love to hear from you.