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Industrial sustainability analytics software with proven assurance

As the world strives towards net zero, energy-intensive industries are under increasing pressure to accurately measure, report on and reduce their impact – fast. Until now, the question has been ‘How?’

A new era of legislated accountability is here

Across the world, governing organisations and market sentiment are aligning to demand sustainability reporting transparency.

Driven by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) and leading EU bodies – with input from 20+ international governing agencies – global standards will require public annual reporting on emissions and demonstrated strategies to reduce them. Other legislation will demand quarterly disclosures on carbon, water, waste, energy and other sustainability indicators. 

Sustainability reporting is rapidly elevating to be on equal footing with financial reporting in terms of accountability and priority. This finance-grade scrutiny makes it a CFO-level responsibility.

The race is on to solve the data roadblock

To meet evolving compliance frameworks, you’ll need to track emissions, energy, water and more at a granular level across your operation and supply chain. However, siloed legacy systems and manual processes mean most industrial organisations lack the data and digital tools to achieve this.

A survey of executives across nine major industries globally found that 91% fail to measure emissions comprehensively1. Given that precise tracking is even more difficult for complex industrial processes, there’s a lot of catching up to do.

Reference: 1. BCG, Carbon Measurement Survey, 2021

Your proven fast-track solution

Designed for complex industrial processes and their reporting requirements, Sustainability Tracker (ST) is an established industrial sustainability software platform that captures, analyses and reports on sustainability indicators such as GHG emissions across scopes 1, 2 and 3, water, energy, air quality, waste, hazardous materials, pollutants and nature-related risk factors. 

As a result, you can run near real-time advanced analytics and produce the granular auditable reports needed to satisfy evolving global compliance frameworks. Beyond compliance, you gain the insights you need to optimise your productivity, efficiency, climate footprint and financial returns.

Road-tested since 2010 in complex industrial sites across 8 countries and in 4 languages, ST is the world’s leading software for sustainability reporting and compliance. And it’s ready to deploy today.

How it works:
Analytics on demand

Beyond compliance, high-emitting sectors from energy to manufacturing face pressure from customers, partners, employees, shareholders and investors to track, analyse and reduce their footprints. 

Global sustainability reporting standards are taking an industry-based approach, so ST is too. Fully customisable to each sector, it centralises data, creates a digital replica and performs asset-wide mass and energy balance unique to industrial assets including:

Expert sustainability software and solutions

Drawing on many years of experience in industrial process engineering, data-led tools and sustainability reporting, we can help you understand how the new era of accountability impacts you and deploy the industrial sustainability software you need to put you ahead of the curve.

Your guide to Sustainability Tracker

Explore how the industrial sector can meet evolving sustainability disclosure and reporting standards with an intelligent data driven sustainability reporting platform.

Case studies: Sustainability Tracker outcomes

See how Sustainability Tracker has helped industrial clients to accurately track and report on scope 1,2 and 3 emissions and reduce their carbon footprint as well as simplify sustainability compliance, streamline operations and cut costs.